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Alpha Centauri is about 106 million times farther from earth than the moon.  If you radio to your colleague on the moon “Watson, come here I need you” the answer “sorry, I’m tied up at the moment” will be back in just over two seconds.  That same exchange to your colleague on the surface of Proxima b, the earth-sized planet in orbit around one of the Alpha Centauri stars, Proxima, will take 8.6 years of round trip radio transmission time.

To show the enormous rescaling required to grasp the distance to our nearest star beyond the Sun, compared with the distance crossed by lunar missions like Apollo, this year’s graphic shows the earth moon system scaled to fit between two human eyes, a distance of about 6.4 cm.  At that scale, the Alpha Centauri stars are 6,600 km away – the distance from Providence, RI to Rome, Italy.
(the actual distance to the moon is about 384,000 km, to alpha centauri about 39,900,000,000,000 km)

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While you are in the northeast you might want to consider attending the Boskone Convention that begins the day after Space Horizons (Friday the 17th) in Boston.

“Boskone offers an exciting variety of science fiction and fantasy panels, talks, discussions, demos, and workshops led by a diverse selection of program participants and speakers who range from authors, artists, publishers, editors, against, fans, and educators and librarians. [They] include hard SF and space opera, epic and urban fantasy, science and art, fandom and anime, new media and TV, horror and comics, music and singing, and heaps of related topics!”

Hotels suggestions in the area

Omni Providence Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn Providence

Providence Marriott Courtyard Downtown